Cebu-Bohol Educational Trip

We arrived in Bohol at five in the morning of October 26, 2012. It was an overnight trip from Cagayan to Tagbilaran City, Bohol. There was a bus and a van is waiting for us outside the pier. Inside the bus, we met our Bohol tour guide, Mang Anjo and the driver. We went first to Bohol Plaza for our breakfast. While we are traveling, Mang Anjo started sharing to us about Bohol. We learned that the nearest Island to Bohol is Panglao Island and the two islands are connected by two bridges, an old and a new one.
Bohol Plaza is situated at the mountain top of Panglao Island, it can be seen even when you are still in Bohol. When we arrived in Bohol Plaza, we brought some clothes and toothbrush with us, then proceeded inside. It was such a wonderful view to gaze upon. We can see the overlook of Tagbilaran City and the sea. They have a pool, rooms, a transparent elevator and restaurant. We took many pictures and explore the place. Their foods are also delicious; you can get bread and rice at the same time, no limit. I just don’t like the steamed chicken hotdog, it taste awkward for me. We just regret it that we are not able to stay even a single night there even we already paid for it because of typhoon Ofel.  
After Bohol Plaza, we went to the historic Baclayon Church, the second oldest church in the Philippines and the oldest stoned church in the country and in Asia. It was built on 1724 and was declared as a National Historic Treasure in 1995 because it is considered the best preserved of its kind in the region. The church includes a small museum and has a 21 meters (69 ft.) high bell tower.
We took pictures of the nature-made image of St. Pious in the outside wall of the church. Inside the church, they have lots of images and figures of saints, Mother Mary and Jesus. The altar is spectacle, it’s really high and they used pure gold in some part of the altar. The Baclayon Church is really a national treasure that Philippines must be proud of...