Job profile

|Job Title                 |Under 3s Assistant                                                                               |
|Job purpose               |To support and assist the Under 3s leader in the organisation and smooth running of the group.   |
|Accountable to             |Under 3s Leader                                                                                   |
|Main duties               |To work with the Under 3’s leader in the implementation of   the aims and policies of the centre, |
|                           |with particular regard for the Early years Foundation Stage, equal opportunities, SEN, racial     |
|                           |equality, disabled access, health and safety, behaviour and child protection                     |
|                           |To assist Under 3s leader in planning, setting up and evaluating a stimulating, interesting and   |
|                           |challenging play environment for the children                                                     |
|                           |With the Under 3s leader, to work in   partnership with the parents/carers offering opportunities |
|                           |for discussion and information exchange to support them with their parenting skills               |
|                           |To encourage the parents to work with their children through role modelling, observation and     |
|                           |discussion                                                                                       |
|                           |To help ensure all under 3s resources are well maintained and stored and displayed effectively   |
|                           |To assist in monitoring health and safety issues and report any concerns to the Under 3s leader. |
|                           |To participate in the ongoing cycle of support and appraisal for your own continuing professional|