Cd Players to Dvds

The DVD Revolution

Specific Purpose:   To inform my audience about the features and advantages of DVD video.

Central Idea:   The DVD video format has superior audio and visual quality to VHS, as well as more special features, which is why it should eventually occupy the place of the VCR in American households.


I'd like to start things out by taking a survey.   How many of you remember having a CD player in your house fifteen years ago?   Not very many of you, I see.   Of course, we all have CD players now.   It took a little over a decade and some major price drops, but eventually we all threw out our old vinyl and cassettes and opted for the excellent sound quality and convenience of CDs.    
Just as the CD took the place of cassettes, many people believe the DVD, or digital versatile disc, will soon take the place of VHS tapes.   Many of you may not even know what a DVD is, so before I go any further, let me show you what one looks like.   (Take out DVD disc)   It's the same size as a CD, but it has two sides.   Just like a VHS tape, it plays movies directly on your television.   DVD video players were originally released in early 1997, and their first year sales were twice that of CD players, which is strong evidence that the DVD is here to stay.   Why is the DVD so popular, and what makes it better than VHS?   There are three main reasons:   sound quality, picture quality, and special features exclusive to DVD.