Ccld Unit 004

| Unit no. 004         |Child and young person development                                                                                                       |
|                       |                                                                                                                                         |
|Outcome no.3           |Understand the potential effects of transitions on children and young people’s development                                               |
|intro                 |Throughout our lives we are confronted by changes. People, places and even our own bodies change. We are faced by ongoing periods of     |
|                       |transition as things alter from how they were to how they are now. Transitions can positively or negatively impact on children and young|
|                       |people’s development depending on how they are supported                                                                                 |
|                       |                                                                                                                                         |
|                       |Toilet training can be a big transitions for toddlers has they are moving from nappy to toilet and pants. The child may feel confused of|
|3.1                   |how to use the potty or toilet and may feel scared to   Possible side effects could result in crying and tearfulness even scared to even|
|                       |try to go to the toilet.   We can support the child by explaining on how to use the toilet and by praising them when they do use the     |
|3.3                   |potty or toilet.                                                                                                                         |
|                       |Moving from nursery to primary school can also be a big transition for children as the move to the new school there is new classmates,   |
|                       |classrooms and...