Ccld Level 3 3.5

CYP Core 3.5.1 - Be able to develop positive relationships with children and young people.
1.2 - . Demonstrate how to listen to and build relationships with children and young people.
Positive relationships with children are built by effective communication. In the workplace where i work appropriate communication such a pictorial aid (PECS) these are used where possible as children need pictures to communicate effectively.
Other positive communication is maintaining a consistent and fair attitude - this can be done by setting boundaries and by not breaking them shows consistency at all times.
Being appropriate with humour and body language, and using eye contact at all times shows good communication with children.
Responding to children in appropriate manner also builds positive relationships. Respecting children’s dignity at all times is being appropriate - this can be done by knocking on children's doors before entering their bedroom.
Keeping information confidential about young people is an effective part of showing that we are working towards safeguarding legislation which is an important part of building positive relationships.
1.3 - . Evaluate own effectiveness in building relationships with children or young people.
An occasion where I have built a positive relationship while at work is when s new boy came to live at the house where I work.   By building a relationship with this boy I used communication aids with pictures called PECS. Which was the way he communicated with people effectively?
In everyday practice I followed all policies and procedures and legislation for example safeguarding which protected against abuse and promoting the Every Child Matters five outcomes I did this by offering healthy snack options.
A young person I work with needed to be shown praise for work carried out with him this reflects a sensitive manner, by giving him choices for clothes to wear and food to eat. This helps in the decision making process.
Talking to this...