Ccause and Solution to Insecurity

Causes and Solution to Insecurity

                      Miguel Figueroa

                ENG-101-2752-English Composition 1
                                            Nye Clinton

      Security instils confidence in people since can carry out their daily activities without fear. Insecurity is a situation where the environment is uncertain such that one can get injured or killed and property destroyed at any time. This situation causes fear among the residents, always living in fear since their lives might be taken or their property destroyed. The community that I live in is faced with a lot of insecurity issues currently, and there is a need that this problem be addressed and make our survival without fear.
      Causes of Insecurity in the Community
      There are various causes of insecurity in the community. One of these causes is the high levels of unemployment in the area.   The other cause of instability is the isolation and a lack of a footpath on the main road. Insecurity has risen to a level that people are not only robbed, but they are now kidnapped and killed making the situation even more terrifying. This has led to people relocating, and the few who do not have the means are still living in fear.
      Unemployment, Isolation and lack of Footpath
      According to (Ajimotokin, S. Haskins, A. Wade, 2015)unemployment refers to a situation where likely people who are willing and able to work lack job opportunities. The situation lures them to immoral activities such as theft, murder, and robbery in their quest to make a living. This situation is caused by lack of enough industries within the community that can provide jobs opportunities, the mismatch of employees with the jobs that they desire and many other factors. According to(Becker, 2015) as the rate of unemployment goes up then it triggers people to engage in criminal activities where they are...