1. Explain the types and functions of assessment. (ref. 1.1)

Initial assessment
For the initial assessment I would identify the needs of the learner. Therefore I would firstly ask the learner about their qualifications and previous experience and knowledge. If the learner has achieved English, Mathematics and ICT then they would be considered as exempt. If one or more have not been achieved then a test for the functional skills would have to be booked. I would also try and find out what learner style the learner has so that I could adapt myself in such way in order to make the units more understandable and easier for the learner. Questions regarding their hobbies and interests could also turn out to be beneficial. To ask about their background and to find out whether they are technical or need any additional support is also an important factor during the initial assessment.

Formative assessment
For the formative assessments the learner progress will be noted in a progress review form that will be completed at each visit. This is a recap of the learner’s progress within the program, e.g. what units have been completed and what the objectives are for the next visit. The activities that took place on that day will also be noted in an assessment log. When assessing formatively I would be giving the learner guidance and advice in order to work towards the next units. Questions about H&S, Equality and Diversity and to find out whether the learner needs any additional support will also be asked.

Summative assessment
The summative assessment takes place at the end of each unit completion. The assessment could be done in form of e.g. a professional discussion where the learner will get a set of questions asked as a recap of the unit in order to find out whether the unit has been understood by them. This form of assessment will show whether the learner is competent or not. This is also recorded in a log.

2. Identify generic regulations and requirements...