Causes of Global Warming

Causes of Global Warming
What are the causes of global warming?
There is no question that everyone is feeling the effects of global warming. It’s felt all over the world which is why government agencies are scrambling to find means to stop it from escalating into an uncontrollable situation that may see the total destruction of this planet. And so far, all possible solutions lead scientists and environmental experts to ask one important question – what is causing global warming?
Finding out the source of the problem is the most effective way of solving it. In the case of global warming, it might be too late to stop it from happening or even reverse it but knowing what to avoid doing is essential nonetheless to efforts being done to save human lives. The last thing anyone would like to do is to aggravate the situation. This is why learning and studying facts that directly impacts the behavior of the environment are key elements in establishing these global warming causes:
Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Fossil Fuels
Coal powered plants emit 93% of the carbon dioxide generated from production of electricity in the US alone. And over 40% of the total carbon emission comes from power production which is vital to a highly industrialized country such as America. With technology becoming more efficient, more power hungry devices are expected to come out of factories in the near future which mean in order to avoid totally destroying the earth’s atmosphere, a more environmentally friendly power source need to be found quickly. Failure to do so would mean we can just stop right here in naming the lead to what is causing global warming.
CO2 Emissions from Vehicles
The demand for vehicles increases each year and with it the consumption of gasoline which emits CO2 as byproduct. What makes this worse is that old car models are sold to third world countries which they continue to use despite having faulty engines that increase carbon emission. Automobile manufacturers are...