Causes of Discipline Problems

Causes of Discipline Problems at Schools
By;Fiafian 030491.
Recently, discipline issues has made an emergency call to all party including parents, academics , politicians and the public alike. From minor and common discipline issues like littering to juvenile cases like rape,incest,robbery and such. In trend, students beating teachers. 2010 has been a tragic year to teachers in Sarawak and Perlis for they had been taken out by their own students. To curb the issues government has called 10 ministry to form a special body named Jawatankuasa Induk Menangani Gejala Disiplin.   Collaborations among those ministries could tell the discipline problems in Malaysia is at a very worrying level. Why is this happening?
One factor that contributes to the ill conduct of the students is globalization. A world without borders with advancement of technologies to aid our life. The presence of globalization has made our students become more educated as they can reach for myriads of information with just a click but at the same time the informations they search via internet are not filtered and supervised. These easy access data are vulnerable to students who do not practise netiquette. Juvenile cases like raping,molesting and even beating will take place as a result. Technologies also provide too much exposure regarding western lifestyle. Movies and television programmes being broadcast in our local channels presented many hedonism,gangsterism and bad norms that do not fit the values of eastern people. Being influenced by the western values and being too keen to be labelled by peers as an urban girl or boy, students in Malaysia forget their roots as Malaysian and practised free lifestyle by going to school with coloured and long hair for boys,dating in schools and even hurting teachers to express their rebellation towards school’s rules.
Family instituitions these days are easily ruined by the demand of globalization that requires everyone to work very hard to earn for living....