Causes Leading to the Great War

Composition I


In the records of   history the Second World War would be remembered as the greatest tragedy. It’s a shame that the quest for power has such a rule to defy human nature and drive mankind towards self-destruction.  
World war two bought the greatest destruction that the world has ever witnessed. Apart from the millions of soldiers from different countries who lost their lives, there were millions more of civilians who were put to death due to wartime destruction and religious and racial prejudice. The war was so intense that literally no part of the world was spared from the grave grasp. The war, which started in September 1st 1939, continued for six sorrowing years and ended in August, 1945 after the devastating atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which forced Japan to surrender. Here are the greatest reasons that led to the events and the outcome of the war.
The leading cause for the Second World War was the unjust nature of the ‘treaty of Versailles’. Germany was severely punished and held responsible for the First World War when there were actually a long series of events that triggered the war. There was a huge war penalty imposed on Germany and her colonies.   Territories were shared between her victors leaving them bitter and seeking vengeance for the injustice meted out to them. [Steven Schoenherr]
Second, the League of Nations, which was formed in the aftermath of the First World War, had serious loopholes and provisions for nations to resign from the league. The provisions for disarmament were not properly utilized and the leagues strategy of enforcing economic sanctions against the imperialistic nations such as Japan, Germany and Italy did not prevent their imperialistic adventures. For example Japan continued with its colonizing policies and went on to occupy Manchuria in China in 1935. Similarly Italy occupied Abyssinia and Germany annexed Austria. [Peter Young, 33]
The rise of the...