Cats and Dogs: Choosing a Household Pet

Choosing a Household Pet

October 26, 2011
Dr. George Williams

Choosing a Household Pet

Now day, to choose a pet, a person would need to determine if he is a cat person or a dog person. But if the person is unsure which one they like more or believe that both pets are liked equally, he would have to research before choosing to determine which pet is the right one for him. There are many similarities and differences between cats and dogs. Anytime spent researching each of these will be worthwhile when the chosen one is finally in its new home.

One of the main points people should look at when picking a pet is the effect of the pet on a person’s health. Dogs are the best partners for pain sufferers. Walking a dog for 10 minutes at least three times a day can help to reduce pain and stiffness for both the person and the dog (Capital Gazette Newspapers, 2006). Walking is also a good way to reduce daily stress. Even though dogs can keep a person exercising by walking and doing other activities, picking a cat has its own health benefits too. After a busy and stressful day, going home to a pet that requires attention may be what a person needs to reduce stress. It can lower a person’s heart rate and can lead to a calm and tranquil state. This is great news to people who are always busy or suffer of high blood pressure. With cats it is also found that a person is less likely to develop any respiratory diseases such as asthma when exposed to cats, especially as a child.

Just as it has its health perks to keep a pet in the house, people should be aware that it is also an investment. The cost of living for a dog is higher than most pets. This starts with choosing the right dog, according to "American Kennel Club Facts and Stats" (n. d.), there are “173 recognized breeds of dogs.” People enjoy...