Catholocism History

As society progresses into the post-modern world that it is quickly developing into, the Church has little choice but to recognize and put into context the way society is evolving.   This "secular" change towards the evolution of science and technology has had some conflicts with prior Church teachings and beliefs.   How the Church has responded to this change is important in that they must still reflect their past tradition and foundation while trying to keep up with constantly evolving cultures.
Going all the way back to the 1800's and up to today, the Church has had to respond to the many "secular" ideals presented and argued against Church documents.   Darwin's theory of evolution is a prime example of how it directly conflicts with the readings in Genesis.   Initially this theory was thrown out by the Church, but as we have evolved as a society, the Church now seems to allow for other creation theories so long as they are backed by the presence of an almighty being as our creator.
Our evolved culture is all about living in the moment.   Technologies have become so advanced that communication with anyone in the world is available to us instantaneously.   Most cultures are evolving into a "free world" of sorts.   It places value in equality, our own free will, and the individual.   These changes have allowed people the freedom to choose whichever beliefs they might possibly imagine, and as such, has somewhat limited the Church of Rome's influence over what it was in previous centuries.   Due to the shift in the individual, the Church must focus on evolving towards these modern beliefs and maintain order within current members to both sustain the current community and grow towards non-believers.   The Church has done a good job through the Vatican councils in establishing equality and universalism while maintaining boundaries within the teachings.