Catholicism: Holding Water Throughout History

Holding Water throughout History
Today, there are thousands of beliefs and many religions that have very different views on life. Some have thousands of gods, others have no god. Some believe in living their lives strictly by books such as the Koran , the Bible, and the Book of Mormon. People have had ideas ranging to belief in nature, praising the trees, the animals, and everything on the earth. But out of the thousands of religions today, Catholicism is the one true faith.
Catholicism can prove its validity from its origins. The Catholic Church has been around since the first century, faithfully teaching the doctrines given by Jesus to the apostles. Many other churches have been started recently anywhere from the fifteenth century to the eighteenth century, and some could have been invented in your lifetime! So how can you argue a church that was started by Jesus Christ Himself?
Jesus established the church by appointing Peter the apostle as the first pope.   Some people would still like to argue that this is some “fantasy fable” that the Catholic Church has created because they don’t believe the church has been around since 31 AD.   The Catholics can disprove that by the records kept of every pope since Peter. The chain of popes has been unbroken for the last 1,979 years.

Catholicism has shown its strength continuously over the years because everything that Catholics believe in holds water against any argument. The main method of showing strength would have to be miracles.   Miracles have been happening in the Catholic Church since the beginning. Jesus would captivate crowds and do many good deeds with miracles. Examples of this would be when Jesus gave sight to the blind, healed the crippled, raised people from the dead. His biggest miracle was resurrecting himself from the dead to save all of humanity’s souls. Miracles still happen all over the world. They happen at holy places such as Lourdes, France, where Mary, the mother of God,...