Catholic Studies Task 1

a)   The Parable of the Lost Son in Luke 15:11-32 shows how despite the son’s selfishness the father still shows so much compassion and love towards his son. It also displays how he is a very generous and not greedy as someone so wealthy. Putting myself in the father’s shoes I would feel very let down and disappointed at the actions of my youngest son, as I would want my son to live a good life and follow in my footsteps. I wouldn’t want my son to experience such harsh hardships. But despite my son being lost in material things, and even though he followed the wrong path. I feel happy and proud that he came back with a cleared mind, changed heart and a better understanding of valuing the things around him after experiencing the events that had happened during his time in a distant country. As my son I decided that I am always willing to welcome back my children with open arms.

b) During the beginning of the parable the youngest son is exhibited as spoilt and selfish asking his father for his inheritance. Once he wasted all his inheritance there was also a severe famine that had occurred in that country and so the youngest son had no choice but to feed pigs and couldn’t even fill his stomach with the pigs food and no one gave him anything to eat. As the youngest son, If I had a wealthy father I would also be selfish and spoilt and would want to spend my money and venture out on my own but after experiencing such hardships and poverty when I was living a lavish life when I was with my father made me realise how disappointed my father and brother must have been to have a selfish son such as myself. Though I couldn’t continue living in such harsh conditions knowing that I have a family to go back to. Even though my family may not be able to accept me, I want to show them how sorry I am. I never expected for my father to accept me wholeheartedly with warm arms. Even going out of his way to throw a celebration for my return. I admit to my failure as a son...