Catholic and Orthodox

SOR Report -

Introduction -
There are many different denominations of the Christian Church. All these denominations believe in several core beliefs that distinguish Christianity from other religions. Two for these fundamental beliefs are the Trinity and the importance of Jesus' Death and resurrection. Even though Christian denominations have several core beliefs similar to one another they believe in different aspects of, and express these beliefs differently. Catholic and Orthodox denominations have differing views on the trinity and these denominations have similar views on the death and resurrection of Christ but express these beliefs differently.
Trinity -
The Trinity is a principal belief of the Christian Church. It is the explanation of how three beings; God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one and inextricable. This belief in the beings in one God is considered a mystery for a Christians. This is also the belief that God interacted and revealed himself in three different beings distinct from each other. The three beings have a different function in which God; is the Father and Creator, Jesus; is the Son and saver of sins and the Holy Spirit; to sanctify and give life to the Church. Yet Christian denominations have different beliefs on aspects of the Trinity, nearly all Christians have a common acceptance on the essential features of the Trinity.
Catholic Trinity -
In the Catholic denomination the belief of the Trinity is evident and expressed through Nicene Creed where there is a section for each of them. The paragraphs start with 'We believe in one God... one Lord Jesus Christ... the Holy Spirit, the Lord'. This quotes gives us an impression that they are different yet the same being by describing all the parts as 'the Lord'. The belief in the distinct nature of the parts of the trinity is also evident the sacraments where Confirmation is focused on receiving the Holy Spirit, sacraments, such as the Eucharist, are focused on the receiving of Jesus....