Whiteness. An endless field of a pale blank whiteness. I have been in this whiteness; it seems, from the beginning of time. I have grown and molded myself with this comforting yet mind-numbing whiteness. I think to myself that I must act and free myself of the whiteness. Without heed for my thoughts the whiteness continues to numb my brain and control my muscles like a puppet master never allowing me an action. But now my heart is restless, something within me drives me push back at this restraining containment. With a burst of energy, which was hidden deep within me, I cut and tore my way through this grappling threshold to an astonishing new unknown.
Things were different here. There were vibrations, there was color, and most of all there was vast open space. Tingling with a sense of exploration I set off roaming this new world. I discovered that this world was divided into fields soothing blue on top, green goodness in the middle, and formidable brown on the bottom. A deep instinct taught me that the green of this world was my ally that would support my very well being. As I continued to explore this vast environment I came upon life. They would screech and cry languages unknown to me. But following familiar vibrations I came across hundreds of brethren, all chopping and chomping the green field. As I tried to gain a spot I was pushed and shoved away with yells and screeches. They thought of me as an intruder, one that would take away from their precious green field. After many futile tries I gave up and moved on to my own little rotten field of green. Slowly munching away and the welcomed numbness of sleep coming over me.
I abruptly awoke; I was squeezed and started flying through the air, like a plaything of a monstrous god. I started to panic throwing my body this way and that. I twisted myself and gnawed the object that was squeezing me. There was a loud boom of sound, I was released, a field of brown came rushing towards me, and all went black.