Cassidy Lane
English 3 AP
September 16, 2010
Everyone has a different thought process and everyone has their own opinion. There are so many different beliefs in the world now, it's very interesting to me to hear about all of them. What I call my American Literary Philosophy is Cassism.
Like Rationalism, I believe on not depending on authorities and past traditions. I feel that we are here to do everything for ourselves. We're going to do what we feel should be a tradition instead of listening to the past traditions. I believe in having discipline and listening to my parents but I don't categorize them in “authorities.” They are my parents and they're allowed to tell me what to do, but I love them, whereas I don't love my “authorities.” Like Rationalists, I believe that we should have freedom. Freedom is good for the human progress. Nobody should be held against their own will. I believe there should be limitations on what people are doing but they should be able to do what they feel is right without causing huge problems. Rationalists believed that men would accomplish great things with reason and intelligence. The Rationalists were very optimistic. Everyone says I am an optimist! Grounded, calm, and thoughtful is how I would describe Rationalists. Those who lived during that time actually found inner freedom and peace of mind. I feel that I relate closest to Rationalism because their beliefs are almost exact to mine.  
Like Romanticism, I would consider myself very imaginative, expressive, and idealistic. I feel that I am very creative and almost eccentric. I like thinking outside of the box. I would also describe a Romantic as someone who has limitless ideas, or someone who isn't limited by practicality. I am very amazed by music and art movements, so I feel that I relate to Romanticism the most. Transcendentalists are also idealists and optimists. However, they may not be totally realistic. Music is what I'm very much into. I love...