The Columbia river gorge is one the most beautiful place in Oregon, even with all the dams. The Native American of Warm Springs looking for a way to bring them selve out of poverty, and they found a solution, A Casino in cascade locks. Currently 40-60% of the warm springs people live in poverty. I Support putting the casino up. Some people oppose the casino because it could ruin the scenic Columbia River gorge, well what about the dams. The dams aren’t really pretty and either is a casino but you learn to look past them. For the Warm Springs tribe, the casino in Cascade locks may well be their last hope to get out of poverty and live healthy lives. The most good will come from having a casino in Cascade Locks. There are three main reasons why it is a good idea: Provide the Indians of Warm Springs money to build schools, homes, and hospitals. Provide jobs in Cascade Locks. And Provide the Oregon government with 17% of the casino’s revenue.
Right now in Warm Springs Oregon, about have of the population is living in poverty, most don’t have jobs, don’t go to school and a lot of the time don’t have enough to eat. There are massive outbreaks of diseases in Warm Springs, which could be solved if there were hospitals and doctor’s offices available in Warm Springs. “For the Warm Springs, the casino could mean housing, a middle school, a high school, drug treatment, college scholarships, a community center, even a hospital. ‘All we’re trying to do is take care of ourselves,’ said Rudy Clements, the Warm Springs elder.”   If the casino were to go up in cascade locks it would provide the warm springs people with an estimated profit of $200 million, 7 times the tribes current income. The people of warm springs just want to live a healthy and happy life. Right now it looks like the only way the people of warm springs can live a fulfilling life is through a casino in the gorge, and they deserve a fair shot.
“There’s nothing to support our economy. There are no jobs here.”...