1.In your journal, please write your impressions of what you hear in the musical examples and how valid you think the music is today. The most important, and I have given you a score to follow, is Possente Spirto.  You may write about each separate selection with all of Orfeo by Monteverdi being ONE selection with the exception of Possente Spirto. 
     I saw the entire Orfeo musical including Possente Spirto. It was impressing to hear the changes in an Opera musical. I think what made this piece different is the differences that were brought to this piece. At times it felt as it was eastern, but it was a classical piece. The music of today does not compare to Orfeo. This piece was full of love and at times sadness it was full of passion. That’s what we are missing today passion and real voices to be heard. I feel that there is not enough of real music to be heard from true musicians. Pieces as this one should heard everywhere and to be cherished. While we live in a century where its not.
2. In your journal, please compare the arias from Gluck’s Orfeo with the Monteverdi AND Peri.  How are they different?  For Possente Spirto, what do YOU think about the embellishments!?  Seems almost impossible to do this aria as an improvisation.
     They both had their similarities of how passionate the singers were. The music of Gluck’s sounded as if it was older music not as strong as Monteverdi. Gluck’s sounded as another classical piece that was heard already. They were different because of the voices and the difference they both sang the piece that was given to them. Possente Spirto I would rather hear. One to do what that man did the embellishments he added to the piece were unique and never heard in a classical piece as this one. To improvise would be quite hard to do. One to do what he did needs to practice and have talent as his. He changed his voice many times the riffs it felt as he never took a breath to sing the piece.