Case Study

Part B: Case Study Analysis
From Point of View of Pat Riley – General Manager of Miami Heat
  A. Introduction – Negotiating is trying to convince the other side to give you what you want.   The key to success is knowing how you are going to get what you want (Egan, 2008).   Included in this outline will be the negotiation steps from the view point of Miami Heat General Manager, Pat Riley and his clash between Washington Bullets Manager, NBA Star Juwan Howard, and Howard’s agent, David Falk.
  B. Issues
      a. Signing the best players in the league for the Miami Heat
      b. Having enough money in the salary cap to buy out player’s contracts
        i. Alonzo Mourning
        ii. Juwan Howard
      c. Abiding by NBA and CBA rules and regulations
      d. Verbal promises/contracts
  C. The “Bargaining Mix”?
      e. Which issues do we have to cover?
        iii. Salary Cap
        iv. Player’s contracts
            1. Staying within budget
            2. Giving player’s what they want
        v. Rules and Regulations
      f. Which issues are connected to other issues?
        vi. Player’s contract/Salary cap
        vii. Rules and regulations/Salary cap
  D. Interests
      g. Getting the best players for the Miami Heat
      h. Alonzo Mourning (rated #3 as most desirable by the Miami Heat)
      i. Juwan Howard (rated #4 most desirable by Miami Heat)
  E. Limits
      j. Walk away
        viii. What is the maximum the Heat is willing to offer to get the players wanted?
            3. Teams payrolls to be capped at $24.3 million
        ix. Howard
            4. Limit ended at $95.2 million plus 6 million in bonuses and perks
              a. Total amount ended in $100.8 million
      k. Alternatives
        x. What other incentives can be offered instead of salaries?
        xi. What other players are available to produce for the Heat?
  F. Defining targets
      l. What is my goal?
        xii. To obtain...