Case Study

Liberty University

                        Case Study of 6 year old Michigan Boy Shooting Classmate
          The current “Age of Accountability” Law in Light of Developmental Psychology    
                                                            Paul Rucker
                                        201140 Fall 2011 PSYC 210 D22
                                                      Professor Vess
                                                    November 10, 2011

In the case study provided, one can see many areas where development of the child in question can be taken into consideration when looking at the case from a law standpoint. In any case involving children, one must always take into account their environment, their developmental age, and their true age. With each age group, there is a norm for development and each child must be evaluated regarding that norm. In this case, the current law regarding the “age of accountability” can be upheld through three basic points. These points are biosocial, the cognitive, and the psychosocial areas of development. Each area plays a huge role in whether or not a child (at age six) can be held accountable for such a violent act.
In the area of biosocial development, everything from a child’s nutrition to brain development to abuse can affect their perceptions (Berger, 2008). In the case provided, the six year old boy, coming from a single parent household, could be easily suffer developmentally in this area. Historically, single parent households make much less than households with two parents. Less income (socioeconomic status decline) can equal less nutritious food to aid in proper development. At the age of the child in this case study he seems to be at the norm for brain development. At this age, even though children can think in rapid succession, they do not process the information to the point of seeing the true consequences of their...