Case Study

Mrs. Hernandez is a 35 y/o Puerto Rican female who is currently married for

seven years and has two twin boys from a previous marriage and is currently expecting

her third child. Mrs. Hernandez presented herself well-dressed as well as the children.

Mrs. Hernandez is currently employed. Mrs. Hernandez was born and raised in Puerto

Rico with her parents. Mrs. Hernandez relocated to New York at the age of 29 along

with her husband Joshua Hernandez. Mrs. Hernandez had twin sons named Jay and

Jayson but was abandoned by the children’s father before delivering the twins.

      Mrs. Hernandez was referred to our facility from her son’s school due to the

children acting out in school, misbehaving, bullying other children, having multiple fights

and becoming aggressive. Mrs. Hernandez was accompanied by her husband, Joshua

of seven years. He is attentive to Mrs. Hernandez because she is currently seven and a

half months pregnant. After the family settled in the office, the mother sat next to her

husband along with the twins (Jay and Jayson).

Upon starting the interview, Jay and Jayson both 10 years old began wrestling

with their hands and the step-father became upset and Mrs. Hernandez told the kids to

stop play fighting and to sit down however, the children ignored her and continued

playing. The step-father stated “she can’t even control her kids”. I requested the children

to go to the play room with another staff member who will supervise them until we finish

our interview and they both agreed.   As we continued the interview, Ms. Hernandez was

the first to speak; and she stated that she feels overwhelmed because she is handling

the kids situation all by herself and Joshua is not being supportive. According to Ms.

Hernandez, she stated that her mother felt that Maria was unable to raise her two sons

while she was attending school and working part time and also because she was a

single-parent. According...