Case Study

This was a study to help Miss K lose weight. Miss K was seen on four separate sessions. Miss K was mostly visual in modality but also auditory. The results showed that after four sessions Miss K had lost 7lbs, was going to the gym more regularly and felt healthier in general.
Miss K is a 28 year old Personal Injury Solicitor and has had issues with her weight for as long as she can remember. Miss K has never been clinically overweight, and has always been in the normal body mass index range. Miss K is 5'9 and weighs 11 stone (154lbs) with a body mass index (BMI) of 22.7, which is healthy, yet she feels that she would look better if she lost around 7-14lbs. The healthy BMI range is between 18.5 – 25, therefore even if Miss K lost her maximum target weight of 14lbs, this would give her a BMI of 20.7 which is still in the healthy range. Miss K has found that when she is happy in life she eats a lot, yet doesn't seem to mind gaining weight, but when she is unhappy she struggles to eat and this is when she loses weight. Miss K has been in a fairly turbulent relationship for the past 2 years, and due to her boyfriend's controlling nature, she has lost a lot of confidence in herself. Miss K's boyfriend tends to put her down a lot and focuses on her weight by calling her names. Miss K completed an initial consultation form (Appendix 2) and I read to her a brief outline of the ethics involved in the therapy (Appendix 2) and asked her if she had any questions relating to hypnosis or the procedure involved. I also made Miss K aware of the importance of having realistic goals and to not expect to lose her target amount of weight in too short a period of time.                                                     It was not necessary for me to obtain a letter from Miss K's G.P, and I ensured I had my tutors permission to work with Miss K.
Miss K has extremely low confidence and self-esteem. Her reasons for...