Case Study

Orchid view home in Copthorne, west Sussex has been found to have covered up neglect and abuse, as well as shredding medical records and incorrect doses of medication.
Five elderly people have died after stuffing from neglect and abuse from staff at orchid view, It was found that the home was riddled with institutional abuse, another 19 residents died from natural causes after suffering form sub- optimal care. Family of the residents had expressed concerns over the staffing levels and care of their relatives. As well sending letter of complaint to the owners of orchid view.
Corner Penelope Schofield did a five week inquest finding that residents treated with lack of respect and dignity they were regularly giving overdoses of medication and were left soiled and left in pain. She ruled that abuse and neglect by staff contributed in the deaths of Jean Halfpenny 77, Wilfred Gardner 85, Margaret Tucker 77, Enid Trodden 86 and John Holmes 85.
It had been found that Mrs Halfpenny died after being given three times the correct dose of the blood-thinning drug warfarin over a course of 17 days, and had been admitted to hospital for bleeding, Former administrator Lisa Martian was asked to shred Mrs Halfpenny’s medical records to cover up the blunder and new ones were falsified.
It was also revealed that nurses would shut doors on elderly people who called for help, parcel tape was used to secure residents dressing instead of surgical tape, and an elderly woman was left in the toilet and forgotten about for up to 5 hours, the report singles out that some residents where left in pain for day without getting the proper treatment as well as 28 drug errors had been found from one night shift as well as other medication being tampered with.
In one case a resident had been dead for five and a half hours before care staff called for help.   While another one had been suffering chest pain fir up to 14 hours before anybody called for medical assistance, one a third occasion a...