Case Study

Before my client arrived, I set the scene for the session by making sure that my armchair and sofa were in a good position so when seated, we could both be on the same eye level   and opposite each other. I was in view of a clock.   I moved the table slightly aside to prevent a barrier between us. The room was clean and tidy.

4.1 Demonstrate how to apply core theories in the use of counselling skills.

Co: have you felt 'left out' before with your family or is it more of a recent thing [paraphrasing, reflecting, challenging]
Cl:i think it’s a recent thing,,, I just thought 'oh they have got a little family now'
Co' did you (how do I put this) did you feel a particular emotion when away?. Think of a word to describe how you felt [active listening]
Cl: I think I felt a bit withdrawn
Cl: My sister is my best friend and my mum and dad are always there for me
Co:'so you are close with your parents even though you feel a bit 'on top of each other?[reflecting, mirroring her words from earlier]
Cl: 'mum and me do sit down and talk and argue then talk and sort it out
Co: has it always been that way with your mum?[open ended questions]
Cl: Yeh.. we went through a bad time.. we fought all the time. Mum doesn’t like crying in front of me and I don’t in front of her...if mum tries to hug me when I am upset I am like' no..don’t
she is the same.. I mirror her personality.
Co:would you say that would be you in a younger place too? If you hide your feelings? [TA but also counter transference on my part...thinking about how I hid my feelings as a child]
Co:'no when I was little.. I would cry a lot.... I didn't hide I would cry'
'so the non-hugging/crying is a pattern you have picked up off your mum over the years?   [TA]
Cl:'she is similar to me...she always tell me I am.' yes...'
Co:'do you find you don't accept hugs from others as well as your mum'[open ended question]
Cl:no I don’t' accept hugs I don't really like them'
. from a young age I realised it was...