Case Study on Radox Men of the World

Radox men of the world advertising campaign October 2010


This advertising campaign was first identified during a prime- time television programme on a Sunday night in October 2010.   It features spoofs or impersonations of advertising campaigns from India and Japan. It is very interesting that they have chosen the Japanese culture’s style to imitate given that the Japanese are one of the most innovating cultures in marketing at the present time.   This advertisement demonstrate brand stretching as Radox is normally marketed at women but this campaign is geared towards men.

Primarily the marketing campaign is solely aimed at men. There are two different advertisements in this campaign one in the style of Bollywood and the second in a Japanese style, both use humour to grab the audience’s attention and the Bollywood advertisement also uses the image of a beautiful attractive woman to grab the attention of men.
The secondary audience for these advertisements would be women.   The advertisements are aired at prime time so an equal proportion will also be watching, woman also buy a lot of cosmetic products for men as men sometimes feel the taboo of buying such products so it is vital that the adverts appeal to them also.

Fans of the Bollywood star could also be another audience for the advertisements and this could also encourage some of the men to buy the product.

Intended message

The use of the different cultural styles and the content of the advertisements gives the primary message here to be that Radox is a product anyone can use no matter who or where you are.

The secondary message in the advert is the promotion of the handy hanging hook featured in the packaging which may be more enticing to men than a unique selling point such as an attractive...