Case-Study, Mother Energy Drink

1.1 Current Marketing Mix
1.1.1 Current Product
By purchasing MOTHER, consumers gets “A MOTHER of an energy hit” (Motherland) as shown in the Motherland advertisement, they get more than what they need. MOTHER is preferred by consumers who need the caffeine kicks from a can, instead of a cup of coffee at all times of the day (Robinson 2009). It is available in 3 flavours, Original, Orange Surge and Inferno, in a 355ml or a 500ml Can (Mother facebook). “Mother of a mixer”, is a 250ml Can sold to the bars and clubs, and the Extra Energy Big Shot MOTHER for those who needs extra energy. MOTHER was designed with, “WARNING Heaps of Energy”(Mother 2010) across the top of the Can. It also differs itself from the previous launch, with the new red and black gothic style, and similar tattooed design name that gives MOTHER an “all-natural energy drink with attitude” (Mother Energy Drink 2008.) The time spent on searching for Mother is short as it is sold in the supermarkets together with the other Caffeinated drinks, or individually at the Coca cola vending machines and convenience stores. Some consumers may use a substitute product if MOTHER cannot be purchase if they are not loyal to the product, as it tastes similar to Redbull. However, it stands out from the other energy drinks such as V, Monster and Redbull. with a high caffeine content of 32mg per litre (Robinson 2009.)

1.1.2 Current Pricing
MOTHER exists in a competitive Energy Drink Market, which involves V and Redbull (Mahalo), energy drinks that are widely seen and consumed in clubs and shops. A change in MOTHER’s pricing would attract more energy drinkers to MOTHER as the current pricing is about the same as the price of V and Redbull (Coles 2010.) However, with a price increase, the demand for MOTHER would decrease as the consumer’s purchase decision is mostly made on price, then, the features and quality of the product as most of the consumers are in the age of 18 to 23 years, where they do not have a...