Case Study: Implementing Hrd in a Small Fe College


Table of figures
Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Rationale for the Research
1.2 Aims and Objectives of the Research
1.3 Research Design
1.4 The Structure of the Dissertation

Executive Summary

The research was conducted in order to establish an HRD framework in a small UK college of further education and to achieve this aim the following objectives were set:
  * To establish the need for a framework for the development of human resources.
  * To identify the organizational and individual development needs.
  * To provide workable suggestions that will aid in the establishment of the Human Resource support framework and to inform the HR Strategy.

  * The Training and Development Plan should be revisited and be aligned to the HR and Business Strategy
  * clear link between the business strategy and the HRD support system
  * Training & development   to be monitored at regular intervals
  * The HRD champion (the Quality manager) to implement the HRD support system.
  * Training should be set on a short, medium and long term.   Training should constantly be evaluated and employees given additional responsibility.
  * Consideration should be given to the development of a staff handbook.   It will be a useful way of communicating the mission, vision, goals, policies, practices and procedures to improve staff awareness.
  * The College should re-examine its pay policy with the view of reinforcing the skills and experience of its employees.  

Implementation Plan:
First step: ( training interventions)
Regular Pedagogy review:
Invite Outside speakers/ seminars on a regular basis:
Inviting officials from local Learning Enterprise Skills council for regular talks to staff.
Next Step: (training interventions)
Library to stock relevant books, periodicals, journals:
IT training:
Setting up a common room:
Annual T&D...