Case Study Hiv Viral Infections

class status, as she is not reffered to by name. She is the only female character in the book. The authors description of her hasty marriage to Curley (the bosses son), implies to the reader that it was an attempt to escape her lonleliness unsuccessfully. The reader can tell from his description of her that she seeks solace from the other ranch hands. These people are at the bottom of the heirarchy on the ranch. She flirts with them, it is through this that the ranch hands have a sexual image of her, which she uses to gain attention.

The Author has chosen to look at the characters of Lennie and Curleys wife in the barn scene, Curleys wife does not dress as a typical farmers wife, this is conveyed to the audience through his of how she wears dresses which she constantly moves about teasingly. She also wears red lipstick, taking care over her appearance. She does not want Lennie to run off, so she talks constantly, Lennie is not listening. The reader can sense the lonleliness through her longing to be heard, even from such a character as Lennie. The author uses repetition of how she says no-one talks to her, she talks fast in case Lennie walks away. Her lonleliness and isolation is clear to the reader as she realises Lennie is not listening to her that no-one cares, they are from two different worlds.

The Author has chosen to look at the final scene as in the first scene, through the natural setting of the clearing. The exposition is set, the author uses semantic words such as motionless, silent this conveys to the reader how calm and isolated it s there. He uses repetition, the heron and the water snake are examples of this, he mentions there activities twice. The readers can tell from his use of language that he is conveying lonlelinees and isolation. It is all the more evident when Lennie enters the clearing, silently, yet the heron still reacts to this by pounding the air with it's wings, and flies off down the river.

The audience recognises Lennie fear...