Case Study F&B Operations

The Corporate Food and Beverage Committee, through its executive director, has ordered each hotel in the SunRise Hospitality chain (11 medium-size, full-service hotels situated in the Southeast, South, and Southwest) to submit a plan to completely rethink one restaurant in each hotel. SunRise Hospitality specializes in catering to the upscale business traveler and, increasingly, the high-tech companies that are now moving to the South from California, the Seattle region, and the Northeast. Their average room rates are consistently in the top 15 percent of all hotels in their market areas. Historically, though, this has been fairly conservative and risk-averse hotel company.
The corporate office wants to change this and, in the process, to involve each hotel in decision making. The executive director of F & B wants to evaluate plans from each hotel’s food and beverage director that “think outside the box.” Among the ideas floating around the company on the F&B directors’ grapevine are following:  
  * Feature menus that emphasize local or regional cuisine. The idea here is to utilize fresh ingredients and local meat, produce, and seafood, and to feature the ethnic and cultural diversity of each hotel’s local market area. One goal of this plan is to make the hotel restaurant appeal to local clientele in addition to its guests.
  * Outsource one restaurant to a well-established regional independent operator.
  * Outsource one restaurant to a national chain.
  * Hire a celebrity chef to bring prestige and favorable publicity to the hotel.

These are only a few of the possibilities. As food and beverage director, you have brought this plan to a meeting of your staff for purposes of general background discussion and ideas about how to proceed. Included in this meeting are the executive chef and chief steward, the manager and assistant manager of your formal French-service dining room, the wine steward, and the director of purchasing.
After presenting...