Case Study 1

Case Study #1: Jules Ferry
Heather Robinson
Chamberlain College of Nursing

The Prime Minister of France, Jules Ferry believed in the imperial expansion of Europe for many reasons. Jules Ferry spoke of how Europe’s much needed expansion was long over do in his opinion. He spoke to critics about the idea of imperial expansion trying to explain why it was a necessity for Europe to expand its territory for economic reason and non-economic reason also. Jules Ferry believed that the imperial expansion of Europe was extremely necessary because European boats could only travel 14 days before running out of coal and then fend for themselves against the ocean’s treacherous fate and it would expand European territory to help with exporting goods from Europe to rival with other continents like the United States and Germany.
Europe was beginning to expand and Jules Ferry felt like as the Prime Minister of France, he needed to speak out about how it was necessary for Europe to expand its territory, especially when it comes to trade. Ferry explains how both America and Germany have become pros at the trading game and Europe is left behind, trying to catch up when he states “next door Germany is building trade barriers” and on the other hand, “the United States of America have become protectionists, and extreme protectionists at that”, so Europe has no choice but to expand their territory to help with the export of European goods. He concludes by stating that “because not only are these great markets….shrinking, becoming more and more difficult of access, but these great states are beginning to pour into our own markets products not seen there before” so not only is trading becoming more and more of a hassle due to the fact that Europe has not expanded enough, but now the countries that have expanded have made their products available in Europe. Europe is not only fighting to trade to foreign countries, but also domestically. When these foreign products become part of...