Case: Newport News

Chapter 6
Case: Newport News

1. Come up with a list of companies you think Newport News should consider for list rental. Why did you choose these companies? Whould you consider these firms like or unlike Newport News?

Alloy, Pyramid Collection, and Ross are the companies I think Newport News should consider for list rental. I choose these companies because they have unattractive cataloge so I believe they will earn from Newport News exparince how to do the cataloge and make it attractive for the customers. I consider these firms would like Newport News because it will them to make research about the customer and add a lot for them.

2. Newport News uses trendsetters in an attempt to forecast demand. What factors would you look for when considering someone to be a trendsetter? What factors would make someone not suitable for being a trendsetter?

I will look at the cutomer database they have, thier ethice, how long they are a trendsetter, their cost compare to the service they provide, and the new idea they have.
The most important factors would make someone not suitable for being a trendsetter unethic because if they don’t tell people the truth, people will not truse the companies and they will tell their friends about it.

3. Describe how customer perceptions can be influenced by the quality of a direct mail catalog.

The high qulity of direct mail catalog let customer believe in the high quality of the producat in the catalog. In contrast, if the catalog look cheap or unorganize, cutomer will not be encourge to buy from their catalog. They will believe the producats in this bad catalog as well as the catalog.

4. Why do you think Newport News implemented the campaign and mailkey numbers into their business model? What kind of information can these tools provide that is useful to marketers?

Mareters usually looking for make the numbers of their customers increase, so when they find such as this information in one company like Newport News...