Casa Del Los Espritus

Yasmin Lara
Spanish 317
In the beginning of the novel of the class’s textbook, the twins of Clara and Esteban are back in the capital accompanied by Nana their housekeeper, and slaves. Blanca stayed behind with her mother, Clara and Father Esteban. The reason she wanted to stay behind was because of Pedro Segundo.
Clara starts to have nightmares and she walk through the corridors. During the day time she starts to see signs and premonitions. She also sees animals behaving differently from how they behave. For example she sees chickens not laying their eggs, and birds abandoning their nests. Her husband tries to calm her down with pills. Nothing seems to work for her and still has nightmares.
Clara, waking up one night from her nightmare, runs to Blanca’s room, but when she arrived there, Blanca’s door was closed and locked. Clara being anxious goes outside and sees Blanca’s window opened. Clara knew then and there that her daughter was with Pedro.
Pedro comes from a peasant family and knows that his relationship with Blanca won’t be approved by her father and his social class. He continues seeing her because he is very much in love with Blanca.
When Clara stands in front Blanca’s room, the earthquake starts. She starts seeing everything from her nightmares. Feels the earth coming apart from her feet, and falls on her knees. Esteban runs to the house that is falling apart, and the house falls on him. When they find him, his bones are broken and the only one who saves him is Pedro Garcia. Pedro Garcia is the Father of Pedro Segundo. Esteban is confined in his bed for months.
This novel is a great example of realism of magic. It shows that the conflict of the political Marxist, Communist, and Socialist. The Catholic Church is in the side of Socialist party side. Also there is a growing social unrest in the novel. It is like nature having enough and explodes!