Carta Magna

11.3. Comentario de texto Histórico Carta Magna


The document we are going to deal with today is a part from the Magna Carta. It is then a judicial document, a charter. It was written in 1215 by king John of England and it is addressed to the English people in general and to the English barons in particular. King John was unpopular with his barons and in In 1215 some of the most important barons engaged in open rebellion against their King.. However, in every previous case there had been an obvious alternative monarch around whom the rebellion could rally. In 1215, however, John had no obvious replacement, instead of a claimant to the throne, the barons decided to base their rebellion around John's oppressive government.


In this paragraph we it is stated that during king John the barons do not pay military service with manpower, their own knights but with a   cash payment known as `scutage. In fact thia part of the document belongs to ht introductory note, so it is expected that they start describing their current situation, something has   changed in john’s kingdom and the barons accomplish their obligations towards the king.
Once we have understood the meaning of the document we have to understand / explain the whole document.


    ■ In 1215 the barons forced John to grant a charter, which was the first time anyone had expected an English king to obey a set of rules.


          a. Precedent. Charter of Liberties of Henry I 1100

          b. Fact. El trasfondo histórico que rodeo a lo que se expone en el texto.

          c. Predecessor. Influence for later written constitutions including the American one.

      5. Valoración y crítica del texto. Se valora la autenticidad del contenido y la sinceridad y objetividad del autor. Puede hacerse también una crítica de las ideas expresadas en el texto y personalizarse ese...