Carrear Plan

Career Plan Building Activity
Management MGTX / 521
University of Phoenix
24 de abril del 2013

Career Plan Building Activity
        I present in this report as I can help the survey results of competition in the labor area. Competition survey is of great benefit as much as in labor and personally. It helps to think of questions that may never have thought of you. The results were very surprising at fairly certain they were. The greatest strength was the deal with the pressure, definitely a very strong strength in my personality. Before I did not know if it was strength or a weakness to take things always relaxed no matter how serious or how simple it can be.
        The relaxed attitude, positive work area etc in favor and always helps me personally that helped balance my family in the worst and best moments. Another strength is definitely very positive for the scope of work is the adherence to values. It is a very important strength and should always be ethical and neutral in all decisions made in the area of ​​work, unfortunately few people practice it. Not that there are no longer ethical people in the labor area but becoming less when making those decisions do not put into practice.
        Our objective approach continues to be less important and definitely help develop you as a person and in labor is extremely important because it helps to always keep focus. Very agree with the results the following instructions, take initiative and being organized are extremely important when working. Following instructions will help you do the job properly. The initiative always like to take time to be laboring personally and also is very important as you demonstrate safety and knowledge we have in the area.
          The organization always helps to maintain control work a disorganized person spends more than a organized labor. It would be very effective if many companies do you survey your employees the competition at least at the time of hiring or at...