Carl Essay

Dear Mr. Robins
      I was contacted via email early this morning with regards to your new hire complication.   Monica Carrolls has asked me to assist you in insuring all the pre-hire procedures are properly accounted for, so that orientation takes place on the 15th.   Just to make sure that I am completely up to speed, I’ll recap what I have been informed on.   I will point out that in problems like this the biggest problem arises from panic.   I have been sent in to help you so that you are not alone this first time around.   So there is no need for your panic any more.
      The first step that you need to take is to understand exactly what the company is requiring of you.   Everything will be all right as long as in the end, the company is happy with the results that you produce.   Monica Carrolls has informed you on all the expectations the company requires in accordance with the standard hiring procedures.   In your job description under new hire responsibilities you are obligated to ensure that all new hires fill out all pre-employment paper work with H.R. and then submit a urinalysis.   You are also required to perform the orientation and training schedules.   After that they will all be handed over to their pre-described departments where they will no longer be your responsibility.    
      So that leaves us with the task in figuring out what still needs to be done to get you back on track.   So far we know only some of your new hires have turned in their completed transcripts.   No one has been sent out for their drug screening.   You’re missing the required orientation manuals and on top of that you have no place to even perform the orientation.   Now that we have all the info it will be easy to assess what to do next.   Your biggest problem is time right now.   You have only 14 days after today to get all these issues resolved; that’s not a long time but more than doable once we get you organized.              
      To keep you organized and on top of things I...