This document is dividing in different parties:
First of all, on the top of the caricature, we can see the title "vote democrat, join the game", with a vulture on either side. The one on the right is wearing the UN' helmet, or one of the Blue Berets, and the other represent George SOROS (democrat' donator).
Then, in the foreground, we notice 4 characters representing the USA president BARACK Obama under 4 different characteristic: an Islamite terrorist, a gangster, a Mexican revolutionary, and a homosexual.
Those 4 characters are playing poker around a table where is put some symbols like the Statue of Liberty, the Independent Declaration, and the justice' scales.
And finally rats are represented at the foot of the poster, with writing like
"TRIAL LAWYER"(lawyers working mostly in the Trial Court), "IRS" (Internal Revenue Service: responsible of taxes) , "EPA" (Environmental Protection Agency) and "FED" (Federal Reserve System: banks)

This document is principally targeting the USA' president and the Democrat Party. This poster was design so the Republican Party can gain some vote since it was publish just before the legislative election.
How is the author doing to bring the Democrats and BARACK Obama down?
First of all, he draws him under different feature:
One where he is a terrorist playing the Statue of Liberty for a poker game;
One where he is a gangster;
One where he is a Latin-American revolutionary (it's about the Arizona's borders question that BARACK Obama refuse to manage);
And the last one where he is represented as a homosexual (the social justice question).
Those caricatures are personal's attacks to Obama, but not only that, those characters are using the USA symbols like Liberty (Statue of Liberty), Justice (scales) and USA constitution and declaration.
This poster is not only wondering the identity of the president, but also his efficacy in his profession. He considered that BARACK Obama is seeing the presidency like a poker game....