Careers in Selling

Analyzing Careers in Marketing

      Career paths in sales are not the same in all businesses, and need to be examined with each prospective employer. Generally, sales and sales management opportunities exist in product and service organizations. Many people shy away from careers in selling all in an effort to evade repudiation. (Stock, Ruth & Hoyer, Wayne, 2005). The main reason for this kind of attitude is that they think they are not outgoing enough or sales people are dishonest or pushy. This can be considered as the biggest problem with small businesses and entrepreneurs selling more because selling practice lies in sales people attitude and beliefs.
      The process of selling is not about only closing the present prospect on a specific product or service that resolves one of their most serious problems and also that helps to achieve goals of their marketing strategy. (Rutherford, Brian & Boles, James & Hamwi, G. Alexander & Madupalli, Ramana & Rutherford, Leann, 2009). To become a successful salesperson, he/she must understand required skills and attitudes to reach their sales target.   In this paper I will attempt to explore my personal experiences with sales people and its consequences.

Key words: Process of selling, Positive and negative experiences, Communication, Fashion of a salesperson.

Positive Experience with a Salesperson
          I recently had a good experience with a salesperson in a furniture store. The salesperson has a positive attitude and anticipates that the customer will say YES. He greeted me kindly with a great sense of humor as I came into the furniture store. The salesperson asked how he could help me then I clearly explained what I was interested in and why. He communicated effectively with detailed product (furniture’s) information and delivery process. The salesperson was very knowledgeable, very professional, friendly and helpful – not pushy. I feel very comfortable because he...