Career is the course or progress of life. Without career, one might not know where he or she stands in the society or whether he or she will succeed in future.
Ever since I was young, I have always respected those doctors who give up their precious time to save people they do not know. Whenever I read the newspaper about successful surgeries, I would always grin in delight and mumbled ‘good job’. When I was 13, I witnessed a horrified scene-someone had been knocked down by a car and his hands were severed. As I looked at his face, I saw that he was in anguished and my body had started to rush forward, wanting to save him from the agony. That was when I realised that it was my nature to want to save people from their pain and to be a doctor. I guess it might also be due to heredity as my father had studied Traditional Chinese Medical.
Being a doctor is not that easy. You cannot just get a certificate and prove that you are a doctor. A doctor requires thorough training and the first step is to study hard while you can, and gain as much knowledge as possible. By doing so, you can apply the knowledge learnt to cure people in future. It does not mean that if you are planning to be a doctor, you only concentrate on the subject that leads you to be a doctor, because some other subjects are quite important too. For example, mathematics is required to calculate the amount of dosage of medicine that a patient requires. It is also a necessity to master your English well when you have to understand the different terminology of medical sciences. In fact, the most important preparation of being a doctor is not to be selfish. There are many cases whereby doctors gave the wrong diagnosis in hope that patients would pay more money for better treatments which the patients do not need. Thus a doctor has to be selfless and is sincerely willing to save others.
Of course, being a doctor requires the sacrificial of their precious time, which means that they would have lesser leisure...