Career Plan

By the end of my course, (BTEC Level 3) I am aiming to achieve 1 distinction star and 2 distinctions.
My main university target is Kings college and I have researched their courses available and found out that the entry requirements for Business management, which is what I want to study is D*DD.

I also have a passion in sports, so regularly I take part in football and I am also soon joining a gym so that I can always keep myself fit.

This is also something you can include in your application for university.

In addition to this, I am also going to try and volunteer for fundraising causes. I believe it is a good way of developing a range of skills necessary for success in life, such as communication, teamwork and so on.

You will also be known for helping out a good cause which is something impressive.

Finally, I want to get involved in leadership activities because it will be something good to talk about, seeing as I want to get in the management industry.

I can do this during the group activities in my course and ensure that for most activities, I am the leader, so that I can enhance my leadership skills.

What I am planning to do after university, is to get a decent job as a finance director.

A financial director also can be known as a CFO, basically manages the financial risks of an organisation. This officer is also responsible for financial planning and record – keeping.

The annual starting salary of a finance director is averagely £70K. This can even gradually increase up to over £100K.

However after a couple years of saving up as a finance director, I would like to open up my own business and progressively expand them so that I can increase my profits.