Career in the Luxury Yacht Sector

A Career in the Luxury Yacht Sector

Motor Yacht over 24 meters and 200Gt

The Luxury Yacht Sector is an expanding industry, with a huge number of Luxury Yachts over 24 meters in length, employing many crew per vessel.

So how do you begin a career in the yachting industry and can you           really earn a living through sailing?

What sort of a life do these crew members live and does it differ from           sail to motor or big to small?

In this essay we shall look at these and many other questions that, understandably are to be asked by people with the inclination to enter the yachting industry; the lifestyle being far removed from mainstream life. Almost intangible to many. The very concept of earning a wage while sailing around some of the most luxurious locations aboard a luxury yacht may seem a little too good to be true. Is this the case?

First we must look at where Yachting has emerged from. Early crew members would have sailed for the love and passion of the water. Not the benefits that it would bring; health Insurance, holiday leave and flight packages all but a distant dream “In the beginning, yacht work used to take as a love of sport, love of the outdoors or love of the sea. Earlier permanent jobs were pretty hard to find and pay was low but now the things have changed. The huge demand of well trained staff led to rapidly escalating remuneration levels. Now you no longer have to sacrifice your earning potential to achieve the lifestyle you want.” (Dovaston Crews -

Certification was not a necessity in the early yachting industry, with little or no formal training being needed to Captain even the biggest of yachts. “In the early 1990s it was recognized that a professional system of qualifications was required for the industry.” (Ken Dales, The Crew Report, 2006, Issue 4, Pg42) There was also far less “Bureaucracy”. Today, Government Bodies have implemented a...