Career Exploration

Career Exploration
  * Taking a class about exploring different careers can be beneficial and challenging. It will be interesting to see what this class will reveal to me and my parents about what my future might hold.
One of the benefits from this class could be that I figure out what I want to be when I grow up, when I was younger I wanted to be a race car driver, then I wanted to be a police officer, I have also thought about going into the military as I would like to be a Marine. Another benefit could be that I achieve a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses.   Am I good with computers? Do I work well with children? Do I want to work outdoors or inside? Do I enjoy working in groups or in more of an individual situation?
One of the challenges of this class could be the writing assignments, I have never really had to do essays or other written assignments before and I am a little scared, I would not want my teacher to be disappointed if I do not do well. Another challenge could be that I find out I am good at something I really do not want to do or that I am really not interested in, or it doesn’t pay well, will a bigger paycheck make me happier?
A few questions that I hope to have answered in this class are:   What am I going to be good at? ; What happens if my boss doesn’t like me? (How do I handle workplace disagreements?) ;   What careers pay well? ; How much education is required to be in a certain field I might be interested in. ; What careers require you to go on to a specific type of trade school or have further education beyond college?
I am looking forward to the benefits that come with taking this class and I am ready to face the challenges that may come with it as well.