Career Development

Career Development Plan Part III
Ieshia Goins
April 27, 2010
Dr. Connie Ferguson-Rangel

      In order for employees to be effective in their positions feedback is necessary to let them know where they stand.   If there are any minor or major issues then it would be easier to address them using a one on one given every three months.   The feedback mechanism that would be used is to sit down with each employee using a short sample form that briefly touches on: achievement of objective, current issues if any, new objectives, and comments.   Developing an open conversation with employees to see if they have any issues or concerns will help them feel comfortable of the one on one.   The main purpose of providing feedback is help employees gain development personally, and in their career.   Obtaining feedback from employees direct supervisor, and have them present during the time the appraisal is being received.   Employees will also have an annual review.   The one on ones will help with achieving objectives for the organization and strive for a good annual evaluation.
      Opportunities that will be provided to the employers after feedback are open discussions for anything the employee feels that needs to be addressed.   Make sure as management that we are able to an agreement on any decisions or suggestions that are made.   Also give each employee an opportunity to sign up for trainings that will help with their career development.   We just want our employees to feel comfortable with their job duties, and let them know that our feedback is an advantage to their success.
      There are a variety of ways to make our employees gain a higher level of performance by acknowledging when a good job is done.   To receive a high level of performance as a manager I must define, facilitate, and encourage performance (Ch 9).   Employees will know what the organization expects from them, and what goals need to be reached.   Setting goals for employees that are challenging...