Career Development

Human Resource Management
University of Phoenix MBA
Career Development Plan

Gina Burns
                            October 13, 2008

Career Development Plan Summary

Recently upper management has decided to centralize all computer support.   Currently the computer support team is responsible for any software on employees’ company computers as well as the company computers (hardware).   In addition to these responsibilities, the support team will now support the Retail Enterprise Management System (REMS) and the NCR RealPOS 30 cash registers.   In order to comply with the restructure a new team will be created. Kudler currently has two computer support specialists on staff.   These employees will be retained and move into the new team.   Training will be developed for all team members, new and existing.   There will also be a new appraisal system that will promote a more well-rounded performance review.   The following sections outline the components of the proposed team.

Job Descriptions

The proposed team will consist of five employees, including one first-level manager.   The following are the job descriptions of the proposed team members:

        o First-Level Manager
              o Qualifications
              o Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems
              o 3-5 years of experience in Information Technology
              o 2-3 years of experience managing technical teams
              o Proficient in analytical problem solving
              o Excellent communication skills
              o Duties
              o Communicate to upper management on status of technical projects
              o Responsible for team members performance
              o Ensure projects are completed on time and within budget
              o Create quarterly performance appraisals for team members
              o Create yearly budget for management

        o Team Members (Four)
              o Qualifications