Career Development Plan

5 Year Career Development Plan
Najla Saleh
Personnel Administration
MADS 6602 V2
Dr.Baherah Assadi
July 8th 2015

Planning for my career is a critical and essential step toward success. By identifying my strengths, weaknesses, purpose and passion, I will be able to develop my skills, be qualified in the competitive environment we are living, and able to compete with other qualified applicants for each position (Baker, 2009).
Setting the goals and knowing the way to achieve them will lead to a balance between work and other life events to attain a high level of happiness.

Career Goals and Objectives
Based on my past experience that I have invested in the medical insurance industry, I started as entry-level employee in the medical claims department, and ended with medical production manager, and I gained extensive knowledge from three different local companies in Jordan. My next career goal will be a top position in one of the international insurance and reinsurance companies worldwide, like Bupa International.
Bupa, which stands for British United Provident Association, is a private insurance company established in the United Kingdom in 1947. At the inception there were 38000 beneficiaries, and now the beneficiary’s number exceeds 14 million worldwide. Bupa operates from 12 different countries.Travel insurance, home insurance, business health insurance, and short term insurance are all insurance products in Bupa International beside the medical insurance product (Bupa International, 2015).
Bupa differs from other medical insurance companies in the idea of international insurance coverage. Instead of reimbursement method done by small local insurance companies, Bupa has their own international medical network entities, and because of these entities the individual does not need to pay directly to them.

Possible Promotional Opportunities for Career Growth
Bupa International has two types of possible promotional opportunities. The first...