Career Development Part I

Career Development Plan Part 1 - Job Analysis and Selection
Michele Smith
University of Phoenix
Human Capital Management/HRM 531
Laurie Ryan, MHRM
April 13, 2010

InterClean, Inc. merge with EnviroTech

To: Supervisory Team and Human Resources Department
From: Michele Smith Sales Manager
Date: April 13, 2010
Re: Career Development Plan Part 1- Job Analysis and Selection
In the recent merger InterClean, Inc. acquired EnviroTech in the chance to advance InterClean, Inc. services in the health care field. With the merger complete, some necessary changes in the structure of the company must be aligned with the direction that the company is growing. The change in the company and the changes in direction have motivated upper management to review the mission and vision statement and rewrite them. With the newly shared mission and vision statement, InterClean, Inc. has designed a path to be the leader in the institutional, industrial cleaning, and sanitation industry. The Human Resources Department of InterClean, Inc. is faced with the task of developing a sales team from both old and new companies based on the company’s new direction. The Human Resources Department will start with a job analysis and Michele Smith, a midlevel manager, has been asked to help select the new team.
Job analysis provides information about specific job tasks and the personal characteristics (education, experience, skills, and abilities) required for efficient output (Cascio, 2006). The specialized development plan will be in four stages. The first stage that will be discussed will be to conduct a job analysis, create a workforce planning system on sales development, and selection of the new members of the sales team. The job analysis methods that Michele will use but are not limited to the following: observations, structured questionnaires, job performance, and training (Cascio, 2006). Michele will observe the current sales team to evaluate the daily activities to enlighten...