Career Change Anpursuing an Mba

Career Change and Pursuing an MBA
Kathy H. Hall
MGT/521 Management
February 1, 2011
Dr. Kenneth Boyd

Career Change and Pursuing an MBA
Education plays a vital role in your life. Besides providing you with the means to make money and have a standing in society, it also shapes your personality. True, not all individuals coming from a certain field possess all the personality traits that are believed to be inculcated by that type of education. But, people coming from similar educational backgrounds share certain characteristics that they attribute to their education (, 2011). The purpose of this paper is to construct and support an argument on my decision to pursue a Masters in Business Administration degree to transition into a new career. Additionally, I will include the results from the Jungian Personality Self-Assessment, which is a tool to assist me with how others perceive me.
In today’s economy, there seem to be many people considering a career change, either `because their job is not stable, companies are closing or government contracts are not being renewed moreover; jobs are being outsourced overseas. People are being forced into making career changes they may have been thinking about for some time. This is an opportunity to research various occupations you may have been considering. Before beginning a new career, several important factors must be considered. First, why do I want to change career paths? Have layoffs left me unemployed and uncertain? Have life changes forced a career change? Second, do I possess the skills/experience and education for that position? Lastly, consider how the change in occupation may impact your life. For example, what are my salary expectation, am I prepared to go back to the bottom of the seniority ladder, and age (, 2011).
Deciding to pursue a Masters of Business Administration degree for a career change  


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