Career Building Activity

1. Coping with Pressure
2. Following Instructions
3. Organizing
4. Delivering Results
5. Strategizing
6. Adapting to change

Planning the work throughout and making notes helps to be ahead in our work. We have to take responsibility to be sound and healthy in mind and physically. Always have a positive attitude and think he or she   will do better.
Before we do a job, it is always better to understand what needs to be. When we have doubts or questions it is always better to clarify and get answers. When we listen and follow the instructions, are more productive and will be able to do a job with clear mind.
Be more organized by making a list of the tasks to be done daily or weekly.
We have to give room for any adjustments or changes. Follow a method of completing the task delegated to her. Success is the outcome of having focus.

When we have no right/correct focus, we fail and this is a major roadblock. Consistency in the things to be done is required.   Have passion in things to be done. Also communication with coworkers is an important aspect, which helps us to deliver in timely manner.   Seeking advice and taking help will always help us to be a better person.
Do not always be judgmental but be able to take the criticism and blame arising from other departments at work which, will help to be a better person and can communicate well in case there is a misunderstanding in work aspect. Rather than scared to face the situation, be open minded and the body language is very important. Learn to appreciate a coworker on a better job performed. Eye contact is also very important as we communicate.

At all times be prepared for a change. Based on the expectation of the donors we have, we all the time make changes that will benefit them. When such change is coming, we need to modify many of our programs to accommodate this change. In such a situation communication is very important. When we lack in communicating, we fail in our decisions and the other way...