This means that each individual is unique and each unique quality is recognized as a individual difference. There quality’s can be race gender sexual orientation physical disability age or religion.

This means to ensure that each individual or groups are treated fairly and equally.

This is a term used by people with disability’s rights it advocates that any person with a form of disability will be accommodated without any restrictions or limitations.

This is when you make a decision on ace /age religious belief where they sway your outcome making a discriminative outcome.


1 Social care workers must protect the rights and look after the interest of the service user and carer

2 Respect different cultures and values

3 Support anything that happens that is against the law or discrimination against people


1 If you are unsure what to do.

We have a new resident who joins our care home he is dependent on a wheel chair we are providing day outings and the place we are taking the residents too will not have wheel chair access. Meaning that we will not be able to take the residents who are wheel chair bound with us.

2 If it was beyond my job role

We have a lady joining our care home for respite during a conversation for her care plan she mentions that she is Jewish and due to her religion she will need her food prepared in a separate place too where the general day to day food is prepared.


In both situations I would look at my policies and procedures and get support from my manager or senior staff member. I would also have a conversation with the Chef in our home too check if it was ok to provide the needed food preparation the resident has asked for.