Care for the Physical and Nutritional Needs of Babies and Young Children

Unit 20:

Care for the physical and Nutritional needs of babies and young children

2.2 plan strategies for incorporating effective toilet training into routines

In the setting we incorporate effective toilet training into routines by talking to parents about what they do at home with their child for potty or toilet training and then we will try the routine in the nursery. We also encourage bringing their own potty in as then they may be more likely to go to the potty in the nursery. When a child uses a potty or the toilet we will give them praise like saying things like “well done” or by giving them stickers and certificates. By doing this they will feel more confident using the potty and might be more willing to use it. After meal times ,snack times and before we go outside we usually ask the child if they need the toilet or potty and if they say yes we will take them, this is to prevent accidents and so they get use to going to toilet or potty after they have drank and eaten. Never tell a child off for having an accident it could make the child scared of the situation by what has happened and it could make the child scared of going to the potty or toilet. Reassure the child it is ok to have accidents but next time try and make the toilet or potty or ask a member of staff if they need the toilet.

3.1 plan how to support babies or young childrens exercise and physical activity

Inside we encourage children’s   and babies physical activities by getting soft play cushions out that they can climb on (to help there gross motor skills), we also have things to help hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills like cutting trays, threading   beads & pasta, building blocks, ball/car ramp, painting with hands or a paint brush and writing/colouring pencils.

Also every once in a while we do zumbini where a...